What are the Best Toys for Indoor Cats?

Toys for indoor cats are more than a mere distraction for your pets. They also provide an essential outlet for your feline to express some of their ingrained natural behaviors. For instance, your furry friend may not be able to hunt indoors, but some toys can actually allure to your cat’s primal instincts.

If your cat doesn’t have a good outlet for some of those natural behaviors, it could cause considerable pent-up frustration, which might be expressed in undesirable ways. You may find claw marks on one of your favorite tables, or, perhaps, chewed cables. The best way to prevent all that is to provide your indoor cat with some toys that cater to their natural behavior and provide a healthy and non-destructive outlet.

KONG Naturals Scratcher Toy

Although this toy doesn’t really look like a scratcher, it’s made from sustainable, recyclable materials, and comes with an authentic packet of catnip. Your indoor cat will have hours of entertainment working on this scratcher toy, and it will also provide an outlet for one of the strongest instincts that most cats have.

Ruri’s Cat Catch Laser

This laser toy contains an LED light pointer that can be focused on a wall or any other surface to intrigue and fascinate your cat. The natural instinct of most cats will make them want to leap up and try to catch the LED light, and this will not only provide great exercise for your cat, but it will also satisfy some of their natural instinct for hunting.

Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze

This is another toy for your indoor cat that can provide hours of entertainment. Plus, since it can also provide treats, your cat will have more motivation to participate frequently. This treat maze can be used on both mature cats and younger kittens, and the treats will help reinforce the natural curiosity of a cat to find the appropriate solution.

Furhaven Tiger Cat Tree

Cat trees have always been popular with furry little pets, and this one is an ultramodern version of the old classic. It has multi-layer design options sure to fascinate your cat, while also providing minimalist architecture and a very modern look to the traditional cat tree.

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