How Can I Memorialize My Dog?

Memorializing a beloved pet is one way that you might be able to achieve closure after parting with them. It’s definitely a shock to the system, and in the days immediately after your pet’s departure, you might feel completely lost—no dog to spend time with, no walks around the neighborhood and no cuddling time in the evenings. Here are some ways you can memorialize your dog, so that you’ll always have a special memory of their time with you.

Backyard Cemetery

You can keep your beloved pet close by, if you select an area in your backyard where the remains can be buried, and a headstone can be installed. If you’ve had your pet cremated, you can place the ashes in an urn and carefully enclose it, to prevent damage from any adverse weather elements. As a rule of thumb, a medium-sized urn will be sufficient to hold the ashes of a pet that weighed up to 55 lbs. A large urn will be needed for dogs weighing up to 105 lbs. With a backyard cemetery, you’ll be able to visit your departed pet daily, and continue to relate, even beyond their actual lifetime.

Make a Book of Life

Chances are you have tons of photos from all the years you enjoyed together with your dog. Pick out the best of these and create a scrapbook, a Book of Life, which celebrates all your favorite moments together. You’ll love spending the time sorting through all those photos and recalling the good times. Including labels or captions for the pictures will bring up even more memories.

Create a Website

Creating a new website is a breeze these days, and if you establish one which chronicles the life and passing of your dog, it will endure through the ages. It’s a great way of recognizing your pet forever, and it may even help others to learn what kind of companion your dog was for you. You’ll also find it comforting to visit the website yourself, when you need to be reminded of your dog’s life, through photos, videos and some expressive content.

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